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The story of all stories, the start of a journey together, the yes for a whole life… To remember it and tell it in a perfect way!   read more

Couple Portraits

Before the wedding, for invitations, to remember a moment, to “tell something” by a discreet, invisible, but wide-ranging eye…. Just for you…
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To set the memory of this important, wonderful, life-changing moment even more firmly in your mind, forever…
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Family Portraits

A moment with the family to tell the story of the ordinary wonder that is a centre of love…
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I don’t film videos personally but work with some excellent collaborators who offer weddng video services and much more too.
Their style is similar to mine. Harmony and approach are the main ingredients; a natural approach, no fiction, more reality… I like to call it “cinema-style real”.
It is so lovely to be able to relive special moments in emotional, high-quality edits. Look at my portfolio of family portraits