Portrait Maternity

The wait.
Can be slow.
Or quick.
Imagining you.
Drawing your profile over my skin.
I hear you. It’s you, and I already see through your eyes, and speak through your lips.
The wait, while I immortalise the moments in an infinite love waiting for the dawn of a new life.

Pregnancy is a special moment in a woman’s life and for the couple. It is a time for waiting, for making plans, for dreaming, and for mystery. It is a time in which to prepare physically and emotionally.

I’m passionate about pregnancy photoshoots because I love the idea that mums and couples can remember those intense months through my shots. I want them to have more than just memories in their hearts and minds; I want them to have something to show their children one day.

Photo shoots can be done outside or in my studio, even if I prefer outdoor spaces, since I am lucky enough to have the stunning countryside around Siena, where I can dedicate an hour or so to narrating this magical wait.

No poses, just a natural look that seeks to portray emotions, like in all my shots.

I love to tell a story, especially stories about people, about individual moments, but above all stories that develop through time, from the most special moments to the more ordinary ones. I love the idea of being the common thread that links families, even before they are fully formed.