Portrait Family and Children

I also love “family portraits” as I conceive them – without poses, totally natural, and capturing the simple gestures and looks that convey the ordinary magic of a loving family unit.

For me, families are a bond between two or more people, in every possible nuance; families are where we are born but they are also what we choose and build ourselves.

I like taking pictures outside, in every season, as I conceive my shoots as narrating a family walk, portrayed by someone invisible, who does not interfere but secures everything they see to create a tangible memory. I also like to take these photos in the home, because everyone is at their most natural, their most spontaneous, and my shots are even more truthful, set in everyday life.

I love repeating these services over time, to show how kids have grown and to provide keepsakes of passing time.

I love to tell a story, especially stories about people, about individual moments, but above all stories that develop through time, from the most special moments to the more ordinary ones. I love the idea of being the common thread that links families, even before they are fully formed.