Portrait Couples and Friends

Every day is special and can be an occasion to capture and remember; not just important days, but also the ordinary life of a couple that hasn’t yet thought of getting married, a group of friends who want to commemorate the fun and the joy of their shared journey.

Couples can also have photo shoots before they get married, to capture an important moment in their lives, to tell their stories away from the busy frenzy of their wedding day, even to use for wedding invitations, or to renew their marriage vows… There are lots of reasons for these photoshoots, but they are always something intimate and precious, which I try to capture with discretion and as always, like an invisible witness who tells a story made of looks, small gestures …

I believe in love, in every form.

I love to tell a story, especially stories about people, about individual moments, but above all stories that develop through time, from the most special moments to the more ordinary ones. I love the idea of being the common thread that links families, even before they are fully formed.