I love to photograph people, to capture moments and feelings. I love to tell stories – whether ordinary or extraordinary. This is why I chose to specialise in family photography. I like the idea of following a family that is getting ready to become just that, through the different stages in its journey. It is a great joy to commemorate the special moments of those who choose my services. From their big day, through to expecting their first child, the first few days of baby’s life, his or her first steps in the big wide world, and on from there, with the family that continues to grow or in any case, change.

Every step, big or small, is an important emotion for those who experience it, but also for me as I portray it. I have the precious task of capturing unrepeatable moments, of helping people not to lose any of their precious memories.

Every day is special and may be an occasion to capture and remember; not just important days, but also the ordinary life of a couple that hasn’t yet thought of getting married, a group of friends who want to commemorate the fun and the joy of their shared journey, of children who play and grow up together.

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