About me / The Studio

I am a professional photographer and have been photographing weddings for over ten years, giving and receiving so many emotions along the way.

I was born in Siena, where I have my studio, but I am free to travel anywhere in Italy.

I like travelling, I am naturally curious, I love walking and filling myself with warmth and sunlight, I like hugs, smiles and people who communicate with their eyes.

I think it’s important to be true to yourself, but also search for new points of view.

I like talking about me and telling stories.

I believe in love, friendship, real feelings, the ones that make you tremble and warm your heart.

The style I feel is closest to me personally is the reportage style, and I just love the spontaneity of events as they unfold before my eyes.


I love photographing people, I like the idea that their expressions show my soul and also that of the person I am photographing; I adore telling the story of what I see and feel. Photography is my connection with the world, my everyday mirror, the reflection of myself.


If you want to know more about me and how I work read the F.A.Q. or write to me. I will be happy to address any doubts you may have.


I will portray your day like a story, your story, without any interference, I am there in the midst of you all, but I will also be invisible able to capture the authentic, spontaneous moments. Every story is made up of several moments to be told and even the seemingly insignificant ones become special, permanent memories when captured in a shot.

I believe that in order to tell the story of one of the best, most important days of someone’s life, it is necessary to become a part of the family, while managing to stay invisible; every single detail is important, every smile, every embrace becomes eternal if captured in a shot.

It takes a big heart, empathy and the desire to challenge yourself.


A good photographer guarantees  a high value memory of your big day.

I am a professional photographer and have been photographing weddings for over ten years, giving and receiving so many emotions along the way.

  • I like portraying emotions and I love details
  • I love my work, photography is my life, I’m always taking them, even with my eyes.
  • I love travelling and I will tell the story of your wedding anywhere
  • I will be a friend, a relative, but also an invisible, silent guest on your wedding day
  • I won’t ask you to pose. I will tell the story of your day as it happens, naturally and spontaneously

Happy Customers

"We were surprised by the way that Giulia managed to make us relax in front of the camera during the photo session, and ow she managed to create some amazing shots, full of feelings and so natural. Every time we look at the photos, we remember all the excitement of that day. It’s as if every photo is a small box that preserves the impressions of that magical event."

Federica Lastrucci e Sergio

"Extremely professional and willingness to meet the customer’s every need. Every time she manages to amaze us portraying each moment from her point of view, that is unusual but really creative and so full of meaning and emotion. She captures “normal” moments and turns them into unforgettable stories."

Massimiliano Bruttini

"A real artist: Giulia’s photos capture moments in such an emotional way. I chose her and I would choose her again over and over."

Susanna Guarino


My studio is in the centre of Siena, right in the heart of the city, just 6 minutes from Piazza del Campo. The studio looks out onto the wonderful Piazza della Basilica di Provenzano.

I have a fine art printing laboratory. I follow printing carefully; I believe in printed paper, the only support that lasts over time; in my studio, you can touch the various supports and papers that it is possible to print on, feel their quality and obtain a rapid printing service for small numbers.

My study has my work area, part of which is where I meet customers to look at albums and sit round the table chatting and showing my work. I talk about what I can offer and about my approach to photography.

I believe in the need to set up a good relationship with my customers, to be able to give the most in my work and have a successful collaboration.

The two areas are separate from a library where it is possible to view my photographic books that I use in my personal searches.

There is also a photography room, where I work on portraits and photo shoots in a confined space with controlled, studied light.

Studio Giulia Brogi in the person of GIULIA BROGI, an associate of ANFM (Associazione Nazionale Fotografi Matrimonialisti – the National Association of Wedding Photographers), with the utmost transparency in her relations with customers, undertakes to:

  • guarantee by contract, the personal presence of the photographer mentioned in the contract, to cover the photographic service requested and to not substitute said photographer with any internal or external collaborator, unless for proven reasons of severe impossibility, to carry out the work.
  • Guarantee that the images submitted to the customer when presenting the work is actually the result of the ’s creative and technical skills of the photographer indicated in the contract.
  • guarantee price transparency and provide a price list together with the contract, that contains all extra costs and options that may be requested in the future, such as additional prints, albums, reprints and any other element that may change the initial estimated cost.