F.A.Q. – About the Photographer

What style do you have?

I don’t like poses, I like showing the day as it evolves naturally, using a friendly eye, not that of a stranger, but without interfering too much; I like showing the emotions, what is happening and so I spend time on scenes, moments. I try to capture moments that tell of a couple’s intimacy, their connection, the affection of people close to them, through big and little gestures, looks, smiles…
I don’t use artificial lights as I like reality here too, providing a true memory with the atmosphere of the places chosen by the bride and groom.

How do you work?

There are normally two of us to cover different situations at the same event at the same time. We will follow you from getting ready to the cutting of the cake, first dance etc…
We work in natural light, perhaps with a flash on the camera just to brighten up the subjects without ruining the real atmosphere of the location chosen by the bride and groom. Everything has to be real and true to life. After the ceremony we go for a walk with the bride and groom to take a few natural, spontaneous shots, without posing: that is the only moment  during the whole day when the bride and groom are alone and we like to use this moment of intimacy and connection.

Which areas do you work in?

I am based in Siena, but I work all round Tuscany, Italy and I love travelling abroad.

Are you insured as a professional?

Of course, I have third party liability insurance and public practice insurance. My VAT number is 01206640524.

We like your photos, but can we see a few full projects?

Of course, there is a section on the website that is called “Weddings” where you can find full wedding albums

F.A.Q. – About unforeseen events

What happens if it rains?

A wedding is made by the bride and groom, not by the weather: I have seen the bride and groom dancing in the rain with the pure joy of having fulfilled their dream, with no thoughts about anything else! Love carries sunshine inside it! Rain cannot ruin your day. In photos, rain has its romantic side too and we can create some great photo effects with umbrellas that I lend to the bride and groom. My equipment is proofed against all weather!

What happens if there is a problem with the equipment?

I always have spare equipment with me.

F.A.Q. – Albums, Prints and Delivered Images

Do you print photos too?

Of course! I mainly offer photo books that I obtain from exceptional companies with a truly excellent print quality. I can also produce fine art prints in my studio, on various types of paper, including cotton.

What size are your photos? (For keen photographers)

I only use RAW format that then allows the photos to be processed at a later date with maximum quality.

Which file format do you use to deliver the wedding photos?

Files are delivered (on electronic support) at maximum resolution in JPEG format.

How long will I have to wait to look at the processed photos ?

That depends on the time of year, but on average it is a couple of months. At some very busy times, it may be up to 4 months.

How long does it take to have an album?

Once approved, and after any changes, the layout draft takes about two weeks (as long as the album has been chosen and ordered beforehand).

Who chooses the photos for the album?

I send out a pdf with a layout draft of the album, where the bride and groom can makes notes for any changes, that we then look at together. The draft is used to sketch out the work and provide a layout that is consistent with the storytelling and style of the work, that is designed by me.

Can I publish my photos on social networks?

Yes, as long as they are the ones with my logo superimposed on them. Unfortunately the world of social networks is not a simple one to manage. They are useful but it is necessary to know how to use them and it is not possible to stop all the illegal uses of photos. However, we can try to limit them at least. That is why I will deliver a folder containing files with the logo already on the photos, and I would ask you to use those.

F.A.Q. – About booking the Service

How can I book?

If you live in Italy, you can come to my studio so that we can make our acquaintance; I will be available to share my experience with you and provide advice and suggest other suppliers.
Otherwise we can communicate via email, telephone or Skype.
If you decide to choose me as your photographer, I will have you sign a contract and at the same time you will be required to pay a 30% deposit of the total of the chosen package.

Can I book the date?

Yes, but for no longer than a week, and only if it is a long way in the future, otherwise no.

How long before the wedding should I book?

For Saturdays in the most popular months such as June, July, August and September, I would advise you to book a year in advance. For midweek or Sundays, it is possible to book up to three months before.

F.A.Q. – About the Service

What do you provide?

There is a shots-only package: high resolution shots and slides on electronic support, with two small albums with 40 photos each (for parents); in the packages including albums: high resolution shots and slides on electronic support, two small albums with 40 photos each (for parents), and album and prints.

Is there a limit to the number of photos you take?

I never set a limit: I photograph everything that attracts my attention, without a limit and then I choose the best shots in the peace and quiet of my own studio. The result is a trial that usually has 800 photos (for full-day services) and about 300 photos for services just covering the ceremony.

How many hours do you stay?

From the bride and groom getting ready to cutting the cake, but I try to not go over 10 hours.

Do you provide a video service too?

Not directly but I use good external collaborations.

Friends and relative with cameras.

There is no problem if you have friends and relatives who take a few photos, but I can’t allow anyone to be constantly at my side taking photos of the bride and groom in a kind of “parallel” photo shoot. The official photographer has exclusivity over the server and must not share the scene with anyone else (it would be crazy to be in competition with others and feel limited by the movement of others, as happens at public events). Also, during the ceremony in particular, I limit the light and set the cameras to work with a calibrated light: flashes alter light and ruin my shots, as the exposure is not respected.

I have seen some really unusual photos, and I would like my photos like them too. Is that possible?

Each wedding is a story in itself, unique in every aspect, therefore it is impossible to create the same situation a second time, but I tell the story of what happens, without inventing anything. It is up to the bride and groom and guests to create real, interesting situations that are full of emotions, which can then be told via photos that are always beautiful and particular.

Do you take traditional photos too?

If by the word traditional you mean family photographs that portray the bride and groom together with relatives and friends, in addition to the reportage and the sought-after images, then yes, of course. Your wedding will be a full, thorough story with all the people you love in them. If you have any special requests, we will be happy to fulfil them.

Special needs

Tell me your requests in time and I wont have any problem fulfilling them… Photos with relatives, details of decorations, flowers, tableware, wedding favours, buffet, confetti, music, the chefs preparing the food, friends and relatives who should be in more photos than others…; we can do everything, as long as we know beforehand. My attention is focused on moments, emotions, because that is my style, the way I work, so that I can provide a true to life account of the best day of your life, everything that is “extra” that you perhaps take note of more than me, ask and I will do it, but I repeat: ASK ME BEFOREHAND

Group photos

Tell me if you want group photos, as I usually prefer to do them standing up, at the aperitif or during the dinner, but not at table and not coming out of the ceremony, as otherwise we risk being late for the reception (and caterers often complain).

Do you also offer other services?

Yes, I offer packages for engagements, pregnancy and family portraits.

If you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to ask. I may add my reply to these FAQ

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