I love photographing people, I like the idea that their expressions show my soul and also that of the person I am photographing; I adore telling the story of what I see and feel.
Photography is my connection with the world, my everyday mirror, the reflection of myself

Welcome to my website…

Wedding Photographer Tuscany, Siena, Florence, Italy

I will portray your day like a story, your story, without any interference,
I am there in the midst of you all, but I will also be invisible able to capture the authentic, spontaneous moments.
Every story is made up of several moments to be told and even the seemingly insignificant ones become special, permanent memories when captured in a shot.

Italian Wedding Photographer in Tuscany – based in Siena – but providing destination photography services from wherever you want your wedding to be (like Florence, Lucca, San Galgano, Pisa, Arezzo … )

Happy Customers

"We were surprised by the way that Giulia managed to make us relax in front of the camera during the photo session, and ow she managed to create some amazing shots, full of feelings and so natural. Every time we look at the photos, we remember all the excitement of that day. It’s as if every photo is a small box that preserves the impressions of that magical event."

Federica Lastrucci e Sergio

"Extremely professional and willingness to meet the customer’s every need. Every time she manages to amaze us portraying each moment from her point of view, that is unusual but really creative and so full of meaning and emotion. She captures “normal” moments and turns them into unforgettable stories."

Massimiliano Bruttini

"A real artist: Giulia’s photos capture moments in such an emotional way. I chose her and I would choose her again over and over."

Susanna Guarino


There are several reasons for loving photography and one of these is the ability that they have to tell a story

My services and my packages are built according to the bride and groom’s needs and  depend on several factors.

To give you an idea, prices for my services start at 990 Euros.